Saturday, May 28, 2011

Medicine for genital warts, genital warts Solutions

If you require medication genital warts then you're pretty lucky that the pathogen against HPV, but do not lose hope, though not curable there are a number of treatments for genital warts to help relieve symptoms. X1y1zs In some cases it is clear to about 10% -20% of cases within 3-4 months. If you do not happen to be one of them then here are some medications that can be treated, either by their family doctor and in his name.

It is a choice, all of which need review-

-Podofilox (Condylox) - Can be applied in this country and can also be useful for prevention. Podofilox is used about a month and works by destroying the wart tissue. Overall, 45% to 90% of warts cleared, but in many cases the warts will return.

"Imiquimod" It boosts the immune system to help fight the virus. This eliminates warts in 70% to 85% of patients, but in 5% to 20% return. Also skin irritation is a standard part of the effect of this cream.

In addition, a doctor can offer other types of wart removal treatment.

There are some other more serious treatment your doctor may recommend include-

"The cryotherapy, which freezes the wart with liquid nitrogen. It has a high level of response to influence.

Laser Treatment - is used for cases given genital warts significant. Although effective as time, the recovery is expensive and can cause scarring.

-Electrodesiccation: he uses an electric current to burn the warts and can be completed in a medical office with local anasthetic.

A homeopathic medicine

You might also consider homeopathic solution is more rugged than one tonne of chemicals found in many drugs. It uses natural herbs and minerals that stimulate the immune response to fight the virus. Again, while there is no cure Thiis is one of several natural treatments for genital warts and is a gentle and effective manner in the same way as some drugs are available genital warts.

Do not forget that even if warts are not contagious and you still have to always perform safe sex.

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